Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Fun Weekend

This weekend Greg's girlfriend, Mia, came to visit so we were all hanging out. It was nice to have people around over the weekend. I was cleaning things around the house and just piddling around and it's nice to have people around when you're doing that.

I've done so much laundry it's amazing. But, all those tablecloths and napkins from the tea had to be washed, not to mention all the dishcloths and towels I mess up when I cook.

I bought a new chair for my home office and Greg put it together for me, which was nice. I think I'll take the old one up to the studio. Tonight I bought another one for the office - I'm way overdue for one there - something ugly happened to that one in one of the many office moves. It's $100 off of a $149 chair, so it's a good deal.

Jesse called yesterday afternoon and wanted to know if we wanted to get something to eat. Mia had to leave to get back to Joplin, but Greg and I went out with Jesse to Applebees last night. It was good to see him. I always enjoy Jesse. He's a real thinker and that's always interesting.

All in all it was a productive weekend, but also a fun one. Sometimes when it's a holiday weekend what I really need is for the rest of the world to stop and not bring anything new into my world. That was certainly the case this time.

I've been working on clearing out some things in my home office. I'm not sure how it gets so incredibly piled, but it does. I'm about to give in and accept that I just need to put shelves up on every available wall surface. It's the only way I can seem to effectively organize anything.

I told Teresa years ago that I needed a house that was full of shelves and tables, because everything I like to do requires table space, and misc. stuff that needs to be stores. It seems that was prophetic.

Oh... I have another photo I wanted to share with you of Greg at Diana's store the other day. I love this - you can see Diana in the mirror.

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