Saturday, September 23, 2006

Journalling Class

Thursday night I taught a journalling class. I had six people, which is a good size. There were more people who registered who didn't show up. But it was a good group.

I do some chatting about types of journals and also some writing exercises in class. I also gave everyone a little bag with a lot of prompts in it they can use for writing in the future.

It was a good group. I invite people to share if they want, but don't make it a necessity. It's always enlightening when people share because you see completely different approaches to the same thing.

I took in a number of different kind of journals, most of which were "in process" but these were some of the completed ones I took. I use a number of different kinds of journals but do have some favorites. I adore those Claire Fontaine notebooks. I'm so glad I stocked up when I was in Paris last time.

I'm going to be going to Canada soon. Maybe I can get some more there. Although I don't recall seeing them there on a previous trip. My supply is running low.

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