Sunday, September 24, 2006

Past Life Regression

Saturday morning I spent time doing a past life regression. Karen, pictured here, was one of the other participants. I asked if it was OK for me to use her photo.

Diana had this gentleman from Arkansas, Steven Summers, come up to the store for a session. You could book individual ones, or a group one. Since I'd never done it before, I decided to do the group experience.

There were nine of us in the group. He hypnotized us using a technique specifically for past life regression. We did two sessions, and he used two different techniques to hypnotize us.

The first thing he had us do once we were in the past life was look down at our shoes, and see what they looked like, and then our clothes. It was a curious thing to do. He also had us describe our dwelling and what was in it and the people around us. It was a really unusual thing to be doing.

Someone asked him before we started if we would recognize people who are in our lives today that were also in our past lives. He did put that suggestion into the induction, but I did not have that recognition. A couple of people did, but I didn't.

Many people believe that we come through time in "soul groups" so it would be natural for us to have some of the same people in our worlds each lifetime.

The first time I had a really pleasant experience. It was beautiful in many ways and as I wrote in the journal afterwards, "it was a good death."

Others in the group did not have such a good time with it. He said it's common that people have a variety of experiences. One woman was hesitant about doing it again because she didn't want to do that same thing again. He said he had never had that happen - that someone went back to the same life.

One of the suggestions he gave us under hypnosis was that if we were touched on the shoulder that we were to become an observer of the experience. That was to protect people if they got overly upset. But he said he thought tears were healthy and he wouldn't stop us only for that. I did cry a few times the first time but not the second time. They weren't bad tears, they were just "appropriate" tears.

The second time he put us under he used a different techinque that put me much deeper under. My experience was not unpleasant but it was not as "rich" as the first one. However, he told me that there were always messages to get from each experience and to not discount that. He said people tend to have more revelations for about 72 hours afterwards.

It was a really interesting thing to do. Frankly, I went into it not really sure if I would experience anything. But, I did, even though in one case I was fighting having that particular experience. But, the experience went right on anyway.

I will probably do it again if he comes back.

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