Sunday, September 10, 2006

Saturdays are for Fairs

Saturdays are for the Kansas State Fair in early September. But Saturdays are also for painting, which I did some of today. Finally. I've been ignoring the library, and today I got up there and did some work on it. There's still plenty to do but it has just been sitting there forever, with me doing nothing on it. But, I did get a little bit done in there today and hopefully I'll get more done tomorrow.

I'm doing a complicated painting technique in there - why, I'm not sure, since I'm going to put up shelves and cover it all up. But, there you go. Even I don't understand myself.

I had to stop and run out for more of the little bottles of metallic paint I'm sponging on in there. I think I overbought - at least I hope I don't need as much as I purchased. I'll take it back if I don't need it but with Hobby Lobby closed tomorrow my options were limited.

When I got home I was torn between working more in the studio and going back out to the fair. Guess which won out? That jar of pickles was not from my library.

What really prompted me to head out to the fair was using Greg's pass since he wasn't using it today, and seeing Ron Diamond, the hypnotist. His show is always funny. There was a guy in it tonight that I think did it last year too. Anyway, it was fun.

After the hypnotist I went over to domestic arts to look around. There were less than a half dozen entries in the Governor's cookie jar contest and considerably fewer canned goods. But I think the number of needlework entries has gone up. I could be wrong, but it seems like there's more of that.

The cooking things continue to decline and I hate to see that. There are a few contests sponsored by companies where there's actual money to be won and those seem to be generating a significant amount of entries.

I don't know what to think about our society. We obviously love to watch people cook, otherwise the Food Network wouldn't be on. But, apparently, few of us can actually cook. Maybe I've been approaching the tea all wrong. I should sell tickets for people to watch me cook instead of to eat the food.

But, there was lots of needlework from crochet to cross stitch to knitting. And, of course, the quilts.

As I was looking at knitting I wondered if Andrea had submitted anything and then I spotted it, complete with ribbon on it. Congratulations, Andrea!

They have a whole section just for people like me - a Christmas area. You gotta love it. There were some beautiful pieces. Leah should enter some of her cross stitch stuff. I am so honored to have some pieces she made for me, including some Christmas ornaments and an incredible stocking she did.

I really treasure those things that people make for me. I'm already thinking about how fun it will be unpack all the Christmas things and enjoy the memories of them. A month from now I'll be getting serious about getting going on that.

Tomorrow I'm not going to the fair. I hope I'm motivated enough to get more done in the library. Goodness knows there is plenty in my world to do. As always.

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