Friday, October 06, 2006

Hectic Day

It was a very hectic day - really my first day at work after being in Seattle since I spent Wednesday in leadership class. I'm now in constant list making mode, trying to make sure I do everything I'm supposed to do.

Today was National Depression Screening Day so I had to prepare for that, as well as do it. I see my calendar for the next few weeks starting to overflow and I just cannot figure out how to keep that from happening. I like to be involved in things, but I also like to have time for me and my various projects. Sometimes they mesh together and sometimes they are in conflict.

I realized today that I'm going to have to move my dental checkup yet again. I go every four months, but this is becoming more like a seven or, soon to be, eight month checkup. But, as of yet I've been unable to figure out how to be in two places at one time. Tonight was a great example - I was supposed to be at a Horizons board meeting but was at the screening instead.

There's a friend I've been trying to connect with by phone now for almost three weeks. We have called each other at least a half dozen times. So far only our phones have talked to each other. He must be leading a life somewhat like mine at the moment.

But, I'm a big believer that humans largely do what they want to do. So, I must like my life being this way because I keep living it this way.

I do let things go by the wayside at times. I pretty much gave up on our psuedo red hat group. I say psuedo because we stopped wearing hats almost as soon as we started. We really just liked to get together. But, that seemed to become more and more difficult for all of us so I just gave up blocking out that evening. It probably makes more sense to just set a time to get together for dinner.

I've been asked to join two other boards and they are both things I'd like to do. I was recently accused of "building my resume" by being on various boards. I have never sought out a board, nor have I ever agreed to be on one that I didn't believe in the cause, and intend to devote some energy to it. Oddly enough, years ago I was asked to be on the board of the organization I now head, and turned it down because I was overwhelmed with board commitments at the time. I'm not sure how being over committed with boards builds one's resume, but I'm well aware that my sense of the business world is very skewed.

In leadership class they have us read about Richard Florida's book on the Creative Class. I've read some articles before, but if you haven't I recommend it. It will be interesting to discuss this. The first day of leadership class my henna tattoo was pretty visible on my hand and I actually had three different people roll their eyes and shake their heads in front of me. Obviously, we have some work to do to attract creative class people in this community.

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