Sunday, October 15, 2006

Mia's Entourage

This is my great, great niece Mia Isabella. She arrived on June 12 in Chicago, but this is the first time I've gotten to see her. She is quite the little show stopper and travels with an extensive entourage of adults ready to do her bidding at any moment.

Her assortment of adults includes her devoted parents, Nicolette and Andy. Some people are just natural mothers, and Nic is one of them. Mia is a lucky little girl in that regard.

Also attending to Mia this weekend were great grandma and grandpa, Mary Ann and Jackie, who are celebrating their 49th wedding anniversary today.

Their daughters in law, Cathy and Kim, suprised them last night with a cake to celebrate the occasion. We were all gathered to see Mia, of course. Hard to believe one tiny baby can be this much amusement for this many adults, but it's true.

Today, Kim was back to her appropriate duties being one of Mia's entourage.

Frankly, none of us can leave the poor child alone for more than the briefest of moments. We are all trying not only to do whatever she wants, but anticipate what that might be. And how could you not? Is she not adorable!?!?!?

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