Monday, November 20, 2006


I am cocooned in my house tonight, working on the Christmas tree while drinking Constant Comment tea. Before Thanksgiving I hope to have the tree finished. I'm going to have to hussle to get that done.

Sometimes I wish I could just do Christmas like other people do - a couple of hours and be done. But, that's just not my way. I put a photo from last year up a few days ago. Needless to say, that takes awhile to get that done.

I spent all morning running from one thing to another. I had an eye doctor's appointment, and guess I'll be wearing these glasses for awhile yet. The new contacts I want to get that you can wear for 30 days aren't available in bifocals yet. As soon as they are I want to get those. My prescription has changed a bit, but nothing major - not worth getting new glasses for.

I managed to work in a lot of things today. I need to tidy up my office a bit after doing candy canes Friday but it's not too bad. I didn't work on it any today. I was hoping the internet would be up at my office since it was down at home, but no such luck. They obviously had a major problem.

I am feeling a bit better, although I did spend most of the afternoon in bed. Those who know me well know I am not a napper, so that's really unusual. I think the problem is that when I'm in bed the coughing keeps me from getting fully rested. So, it takes many hours to equal a normal amount of rest.

I'm starting to wonder if one round of antibiotics is going to do the trick. I may need an extra one. Unfortunate that this is all in the midst of a holiday week, when they won't be in the office normal hours. Obviously, I can't wait until Thursday to decide I need more drugs.

Well, I'd best get back to working on the tree or it won't be done by Thanksgiving.

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