Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Night

The democrats had an election night party at Carl's Bar tonight, to celebrate. And, it was a celebration.

We were all watching the TVs. When this photo was taken I was watching Governor Sebelius give a speech once it was clear she was the winner. It was clear all night, but it was official at this point.

This was right after Phill Kline had conceded the Attorney General race. I swear, that man is evil. The sad thing is that he doesn't even realize he's evil - quite the opposite - he thinks he's doing the right things.

Trish and I were doing a bit of quiet celebration over that. I am so incredibly glad to be rid of him.

As I write this, we still don't know the senate races, but the house is going democratic. Thank goodness democrats have finally awakened from their long slumber and come up with a plan.

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