Saturday, November 04, 2006

Voting in Hutchinson

People often ask me who to vote for. So, for people who are in the local area, here is a list of some of the candidates I'm voting for in Tuesday's election. Obviously, this is a partial list, but here it is. I'm publishing it now so if you have any questions you have time to get answers from me or someone else.

Governor - Kathleen Sebelius
The reasons are obvious. She's done an extraordinary job and is a natural born leader.

Attorney General - Paul Morrison
He has been a long history of good work behind him. He will do a great job as Attorney General. I met him this afternoon and found him very personable, which is just a bonus.

Congress - John Doll
He's running because he truly wants to make a difference. He is a guy who understands what it's like to work for a living - really work. He and his wife, Janet, have been campaigning very hard.

State Board of Education - Jack Wempe
Jack is a super great guy - intelligent, kind, patient - the epitome of a gentleman. He has a varied history in political arenas and will be a tremendous asset to the state.

I will also be voting yes on the local school bond issue. I vote yes for everything that is for the common good, and few things fall into that category more than schools.

If you have any questions about other races, I'm happy to share my thoughts, but these are the main ones I'm concerned with that have opponents.

When in doubt this time I think it's safe to vote democrat. We don't have any nutburgers running on the Democratic ticket this time. I will be voting for people from both parties, as I usually do. Of course, as Bill Clinton pointed out today, many of the democratic party candidates running this time used to be republicans. Read more about it in the Washington Post.

Wherever you are, please go vote on Tuesday. If you don't vote, you're just voting for whoever wins, only it's worse if it's not what you want because you could have changed it. So, don't let the opportunity slip by - vote on Tuesday.

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