Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Reason for the Season

If one more person says "Remember the Reason for the Season" to me, I may explode with a long list of expletives that are not part of my normal speech pattern. Why? Well, because it's generally only used by people who want to point out to you that you - obviously - have no concept of what Christmas is, historically, really about.

I know all about what it is historically about - pagan beginnings to what is now a Christian celebration. I got it.

Just because I happen to like having a pretty tree, sending cards and wrapping presents in coordinating paper does not mean I have no concept of the religious meaning of the holiday. Nor, frankly, is that any of your business.

Even if I cut you the slack that it's kind of you to be concerned about my immortal soul, one "Remember the Reason for the Season" is sufficient. This week, one person has felt it necessary to say it to me in email twice, despite my ignoring it the first time. I chose not to respond to her latest email lest my fingers type expletives against my will.

I'm not sure reducing a religion to a catchy slogan is something I want to participate in, anyway. And, I hate to be the bearer of what must be unpleasant news for her, but Christmas is also about more than religion as well. It is an economic engine in our society, it is a time for family, it is a time for friends, it's a time for carols, cookies and charity.

Of course, for those of us who are Christians, Christmas is also about Christ. I just like to keep my religion private. When did that become such a crime? When did it become accepted that a person who isn't wearing their religion on their sleeve has none?

Some of us can practice our faith without trying to shame others into doing it our way. We also don't feel the need to reduce our belief system to one pithy phrase that can be repeated ad nauseum.

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