Monday, September 04, 2006


Saturday Greg and I went to Roy's for Barbecue. I think I could eat Roy's every day.

I told him I wanted to stop by Diana's store on the way home, just to see how things looked now that they were all set up. Diana moved The Dancing Grouse to 125 N. Main this past week and I went in to help some on Tuesday, but she had her reopening on Wednesday and I hadn't had a chance to see it since she was all set up. This is great space and the street scape has been finished in this block, which is a bonus.

When we popped into Diana's, I was surprised to see Becky there. It was great to see her. She moved to St. Louis last year and I've really missed her.

She and Rob had decided about four o'clock Friday afternoon to come to Hutch for the weekend. So, it was just a bonus that I happened to pop in while she was there.

To top it off, Teresa was in, so I got to see her too. She had brought in freshly made scones. Oh my gosh, they were amazing.

Greg snapped some pix of all of us together. L-R is Diana, Becky, me and Teresa.

It was so neat to see everyone. Nancy came in just as Greg and I were getting ready to leave so I got to visit with her just briefly. I also saw Austin and Amy for just a couple of minutes.

I was showing Becky, Diana and Teresa the cutest little lipstick holder I'd gotten at Target the night before in the dollar section. It's metallic pink and looks like a tiny little purse. Greg was making fun of how excited women get about such things. But, hey, I recommend you get to your local Target and pick one up as soon as possible.

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