Monday, March 19, 2007

Beautiful Day, So I Hear

It was a beautiful day, so I hear. Well, OK, so weatherbug said. I have been inside all day - haven't even peeked my head out the door. I've spent the day boxing cookbooks, doing computer work and working in the kitchen. Why is it that I seem to spend a huge amount of time doing things in my house and yet my house isn't done?

Five years ago during March Madness I was moving into my house and it was even less done then. I remember because my boyfriend at the time was a big sports fan and we were timing trips back to the apartment where the TV was so he could catch the end of games. I was just thankful to sit down for a little bit - and very, very thankful for his help. He did a tremendous amount of work in moving me into this house. Pity he's not around now to haul boxes of cookbooks down the stairs.

I watched the UK/KU game today and my beloved Wildcats did not win. I wasn't really expecting them to - they've not had the best season - but an upset would have been nice. I haven't really kept close track since graduating lo those many years ago, but Mary Ann is a huge fan so since I've been in Kentucky more I'm more up to date these days. Kentucky Wildcat fans are not really used to not having great seasons. As the announcers kept pointing out today they're one of the four most winning teams of all time. Yes, we know. Unfortunately, today was not one of those days to help their averages.

I have another five boxes of cookbooks ready to go. Something I realized today is that I own a lot of Italian cookbooks. I knew I loved Italian food, but apparently it's a love more intense than I realized. I made spaghetti for lunch - not that I'm susceptible to suggestion at all. Of course, I didn't use any of the numerous Italian cookbooks. I think that sums up why I need fewer of them.

The last couple of hours I've been working on an MHA project that I want to complete tomorrow. It is shaping up to be a busy week, with a nice mix of fun and work.

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