Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Spring has Arrived

Spring has arrived, if not on the calendar, by temperature at least. It was in the mid 70s here today, which means it was the first day I could wear sandals, and sport one of my recent toe ring purchases. I picked this up in Seattle - at least I think so - maybe it was Florida - maybe it was somewhere else. I don't know - but I bought it somewhere in the last year and fortunately I still like it.

After work today I decided to get started on packing cookbooks. I went through just one shelf in the living room and have a full box ready to go to K-State. Most of the books in the living room are not cookbooks, but other things. However, there are plenty of cookbooks there I want to donate as well. I haven't even gone upstairs and looked at those since I've known that they want the collection.

It will be a big relief to send the books on, as well as a little sad. Cookbooks have been a big part of my life for more than 20 years. And they still will be, but I just have too many to take care of well. And I'm not really using them and neither is anyone else right now.

On this first go 'round I'm going to donate the ones I'm absolutely certain I want to give away. Then, when I don't miss any of those after a while, I'll be ready to let go of a bunch more. I just know that's how I work.

That was one of the things I learned when working with my life coach, Sheri Gaynor. I was talking with her about an issue and said, "I just have to have time to live with it for awhile, to get used to the idea." Although I say that all the time about various things, it wasn't until Sheri pointed it out that I realized that's how I process things and it's important that I have the chance to do it the way I'm comfortable. I have to have time to get used to it, to live with it, to shrug into it - whatever "it" is.


Zandria said...

I'm glad that spring has arrived, too. :)

How awesome that you're donating a bunch of cookbooks to a university! Must be quite a collection.

I saw the link to your website on BlogHer! Welcome.

Zandria - Keep Up With Me
BlogHer blog

Patsy Terrell said...

Hi... Thanks for the welcome. I tried to join blogher a year or so ago but obviously did something wrong. My cookbooks have outgrown my world I think - I have about 1000 of them but when I want a recipe I go to the internet. That tells me the books need to go live elsewhere! I'm still sorting them out... It will be a process.