Saturday, March 17, 2007


I spent part of the day hitting antique and thrift stores. At the Et Cetera shop I picked up the sweetest little mugs with orange flowers on them. I have this "thing" about orange lately.

Orange is associated with the chakra that controls creativity and I think I'm not getting enough creative time. Maybe that's why I love it so much lately. All I know is that I'm attracted to pretty much everything orange these days. I'm going to stop myself from painting a wall orange, although I am using some copper in the library.

After picking up these cups downtown I headed out to Goodwill, hoping I could lay my hands on a few more of them so I'd have enough for Creative Sisterhood. Unfortunately, they didn't have any. They're very common, I know I've seen them around before. So, I'm sure I'll be able to lay my hands on some.

My other big purchase of the day was a crochet pattern book at the Et Cetera shop. It was published in 1981 but is full of patterns from older things. I am in love with one of the doilies in there, but I'd say the likelihood of me ever making it is very, very, very slim. But, I love to look at the patterns. And who knows, maybe I'll meet someone who just loves to crochet and wants to make such a thing.

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