Saturday, March 24, 2007

Under the Rainbow

Teresa and I are enjoying a lovely weekend at Susan's farm in Valley Falls. When I say "lovely," I mean it's been beautiful in a variety of ways - not the least of which was this stunning rainbow late Saturday - just an added bonus.

We got here Friday night in time to relax a bit before bed. Susan, our hostess with the mostest, made a Paula Deen extravaganza of a French Bread casserole. We did help - Teresa cut the bread, I zested the orange - but basically Susan did the work.

It was baked this morning and turned out perfectly wonderful.

Susan served it on this beautiful china I've fallen in love with. I have a thing lately about orange. This is Czechoslavakian china, which Susan collects.

This afternoon I worked on one of my "bits and pieces" books that hold the ephemera of my life, and Teresa made a collage.

After she was done with the collage, we tried to psycho-analyze her based on it. She's such a good sport.

I also worked on some recipe things. I brought my collage stuff but didn't get any of that done. The days just go too quickly. We took just a few minutes to run to Valley Falls to check the antique stores. I bought an old button jar with some very cool buttons. I have a project in mind for them - look for more details here soon - but that's all I got.

Susan, bless her heart, has just taken such good care of us in so many ways. She always makes you feel so welcome at her home, and dotes on you. It would be so easy to get spoiled.

This afternoon she *really* outdid herself by fixing us a lovely tea. It was just wonderful. When she said we were having tea, I thought she meant we were having tea and cookies, but she did a whole spread.

This is Susan, who after the wonderful breakfast, and an amazing soup for lunch, and then this incredible tea, went on to fix a great vegetarian lasagne for dinner tonight.

Needless to say, we're stuffed!

This afternoon while we were working on projects, Teresa noticed the rainbow.

Oddly enough, just a couple of days ago, Teresa had called to tell me that there was a stunning rainbow visible in Hutchinson. Unfortunately, I didn't get the call until after dark so I missed it. But, I thought at the time that I love having friends who will call me about a great rainbow. Those are the kind of friends I want to have - who know that a gorgeous rainbow is important enough for a phone call.

Tomorrow we go to the tea in Hiawatha. We're going to pick up my friend, Cynthia, in Horton, and then we're all going to lunch at a place near Hiawatha. Then late in the afternoon we'll have tea there.

I'm so blessed to have such great friends who are so generous.

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