Saturday, April 28, 2007

Female Quilters and Male Mechanics

While visiting family in Kentucky, I took time to visit the 23rd annual American Quilter's Society Quilt Show in Paducah. I've been twice before, once many years ago, and once about five years ago.

I'm not a quilter - just an appreciator. But, this show is pretty amazing. Top prize is $20,000 and went to the same woman who won last year. Be watching this space for more info on her, as well as other quilters, who agreed to be interviewed for the blog.

One of my favorite pieces was called La Belle Rouge by Mary Chester of Rantoul, Illinois. It won an honorable mention. I loved all the different motifs she included.

I took many, many, many photos and will be sharing more as I go through them.

After the quilt show I came back to Jim's where he, Jackie, and Mattie's brother, James, were standing around the open hood of Jim's car. It was such a contrast to the very feminine world of quilting, although there are some men who are well-known in that world. But, I left the world of women to go to three guys standing around an open hood.

We were all teasing James, but he was the one who had offered to help in the first place. I just thought it was so typical and humorous to see three guys peering into an engine.

Jim was pointing out things he had replaced last winter...

And James and Jackie were nodding in approval.

It was a very male moment, although, frankly, Chrissy is a good mechanic... but she was working today so wasn't there for this.

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Feeling Simply Quilty said...

Lucky you! You went to Paducah. I think that's the largest show in the country, certainly one of them.