Tuesday, April 03, 2007

My friend, Trish, the city council person

Well, I just knew it was going to happen and it did! Trish won her bid for the Hutchinson City Council today.

Congratulations Trish!
I have been going around for weeks saying I was looking forward to saying, "my friend, Trish, who's on the city council."

Trish was so excited and it was great to see her that way. She was talking to her sons on the phone and I couldn't resist a photo.

She has worked really, really, really hard on this election, as has her husband, Jim (in the red sweater, below). They have had coffees to talk to people, had gatherings in people's homes, put out yard signs all over town and done door to door campaigning.

The best part of it all is that Trish will do a fabulous job. She got elected not just because she campaigned, but because she has a long history of working hard in this community, giving of her time and talent, and proving herself a great leader. I was thrilled that she also got the endorsement of the local newspaper.

She had a very worthy opponent who has also been involved in the community in a variety of ways. It was a good race, with real choices in many offices.

I was joking with Trish that she has constituents now. There were lots of people at the Anchor for the victory party.
I went down about 8:30, figuring it would be another hour or so before there were significant results and they already knew she had won. So, I missed the big announcement because I was doing laundry.

But I saw Jim as soon as I arrived and he told me the news. I couldn't wait to give Trish a big hug.

Teresa was excited for her, too.

I'm so very proud of Trish for the way she has run her campaign. Jim has been an exceptional campaign manager. And their hard work paid off tonight.

Now we get the privilege of having Trish represent all of Hutchinson on the city council.

She will do a great job, listening to everyone, and doing her best for the city. It feels good that we have someone in office who will be devoted to the good of everyone, regardless of their address, their past, or their political affiliation.

Congratulations, Trish!!!

And now I think it might be nice to be walking around saying, "My friend, Trish, the mayor..." We'll see what happens!

For the moment I want her to just relish in this and enjoy every moment of it.

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