Monday, April 16, 2007

Proud of Myself

I'm feeling pretty proud of myself tonight. This afternoon I successfully tackled a small plumbing project. I installed a new fill valve in the upstairs toilet.

OK, yes, I know, my life is more exciting than the average person's, what can I say?

Not only am I pleased I was able to fix it, but I love the fact that what would have been an $80 bill was an $11.47 cent bill for the part.

Frankly, when you need to do the same, tackle it yourself. The hardest part was loosening the nut to remove the old one. It was very simple - and mine looks just like the picture on the instructions. You can't beat that.

Overall I've had a very productive few days, even without the plumbing work. I did my taxes, and got an art show application in the mail. Greg helped me move my writing desk downstairs and also unload some stuff at my office. I also fixed a webpage problem for him at It wasn't a big deal, but just required having some time to sit down and work on it. I also did a lot of "life stuff" as well as some MHA stuff. I even had time for fun at the MCC sale.

We went back out there Saturday, and I bought yet more vintage linens and some cloth. We also ate lunch there. I love the Bohne Beroggi. I used to pick up the Bohne Beroggi recipe they offer every year, and even posted it before. I didn't bother this year because I'm obviously never going to make it. It doesn't sound appealing. It doesn't look appealing. But it's delicious. Honest.

Frankly, every year we photograph the food, and other than the pie, it's all white. It's amazing. If you were trying to avoid white food, which some nutritionists suggest, you'd be so out of luck. The relish tray has carrots, celery and pickles on it, and the pie has some color depending on the flavor, and the borscht, but there's a lot of white food there. Verenike is white, the ham gravy you put over it is white, the bohne beroggi is white, the sauce it's in is white, the zwiebach is white, etc. - you get the idea.

But I do love the little glimpse into another world it sometimes gives you.

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