Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Real Men Wear Pink

Since I've been in Kentucky I've been playing with fabric. I've been wanting to make some craft aprons and I found this fabric in Paducah that I thought was perfect to use. Paducah has a lot of fabric because it's "Quilt City."

Besides having access to lots of fabric, my sister in law, Mary Ann, had her sewing machine set up because she has been making quilts. Well, naturally, this was an ideal set up for me to play. So, I did.

I finished this one a couple of days ago. My brother, Jackie, thinks I'm a little crazy to go buy fabric, then cut it up into little pieces and sew it back together. But, Jackie is nothing if not a sport. So, tonight he decided to model the finished product. I think he makes it look even better.

See, real men wear pink. And so do real women.

I made another one tonight that is more subdued in coloring. And I have a couple of others in process.

I can't quilt - it requires too much focused attention for too long of a time. But this gives me all the satsifaction of choosing fabric, without having to commit to the length of time a quilt takes.

The real truth of the matter is that I'm addicted to fabric. And with this sort of project a quarter yard is plenty. So, you get to pick lots of it.

Obviously, the raw materials pale in comparison to Jackie's modelling of the finished product.

Mary Ann decided yesterday that I must belong to her instead of Mama since Mary Ann and I like to do the same sorts of things. Mama sewed when she had to make something but she would have thought this was a bit of an odd way to spend one's time. Mary Ann and I just think it's loads of fun, however.

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