Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Some weeks ago I was asked to donate a hand painted journal to an auction. The proceeds are going to help the family of a middle school girl locally who's undergoing treatment for bone cancer.

I'm happy to donate. I'm unhappy that it's necessary.

It makes no sense at all that in a country where people make millions of dollars a year to play basketball or sing songs when they're not busy baring their private parts or pretend to be someone else in a movie or run a company who's main business is to bilk people out of their retirement, that a family in Hutchinson Kansas cannot afford medical treatment for their child. What kind of sense does that make? None. Absolutely none.

I am happy to donate this, but I'm unhappy that it's necessary. The few dollars it will bring at the auction will not make a dent in this family's bills. They're occupied thinking about paying for treatment when all they should be focused on is their child.

The medical system in this country is an embarrassment. It should embarrass all of us that we have not demanded better for ourselves and our communities.

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