Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Coming Home or Leaving Home

I am back in Kansas. I guess I should say, "I'm Home," but having just been to Kentucky, which is what I think of as "home," I'm not sure what to call Kansas, which is where I make my home.

Confused? Yeah, me, too. Of course, it's a somewhat natural state for me and one I'm used to. It may be disconcerting for others.

I'm also sick. I cannot talk above a whisper. Thank goodness I don't feel as bad as I sound. I am rarely sick, and this is  twice I've had need of antibiotics in about three weeks. I think I've been trying to be too many places doing too many things for too long. I am going to rest - mainly because I can't do much of anything else - and because if I don't really kick this this time I'll just be doing this again in a week or two. And none of us want that. I am not a good patient. I'm whiney and annoying and can barely even stand myself. Of course, it's impossible for me to talk, much less whine, at the moment.

Kudos to Greg who went and got me cough syrup in the middle of the night and then picked up my prescription. Driving long distances when one isn't feeling well just isn't fun.

It's amazing how when you're not feeling normal you suddenly can think of a thousand things you'd be doing if only you felt better. Then, of course, when you do feel better none of those seem all that important any more, and you fill your life with the usual stuff and never get around to those "big projects" that were so appealing when you didn't feel like doing them.

One thing about it, humans are infinitely interesting creatures. Our minds play these little tricks on us all the time.

All that said, I do hope I can speak at a normal volume tomorrow - or at least above a whisper. I could not even talk on the phone today. Me... not talking... for those who know me in person that will seem either very odd or very nirvana like. Or perhaps both.

Oh... and since it's after midnight... Happy May Day.

I simply adore Lily of the Valley and it's a flower exchanged among friends in France on this day so I always associate it with May 1. Of course, even if I had one right now I couldn't smell it so maybe it's just as well it come a little later this year.

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