Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Holiday Weekends

Even though it was a three day weekend, I need more time to get things done in my personal life. Maybe that's because I worked so much this weekend. Honest to goodness, my butt hurts from sitting at the computer so long. I want to do something else now. So, of course, I'm blogging. That makes good sense. Right?

I am in the midst of preparing for the Tenth Annual Hutchinson Garden Tour on June 24. It's a fundrasier for the MHA and it requires a tremendous amount of energy from me for the six weeks prior. So, I'm in the middle of that. It is really rewarding, but it is time consuming.

In addition, we'll be doing our annual tea on August 11 so I'll barely be done with the garden tour until I start on that.

This weekend I was doing some preparation for Martha's shower on June 16, including freezing the ice ring with fresh mint and lemon slices. I did it in multiple layers so the lemons and mint would freeze in a pretty pattern. You'd think I would learn, considering how many ice rings I've made by now, that no one but me ever knows that and I should just dump everything in, pour the water over, and be done with it. But, oh no, that's not my way. I made lemonade with fresh lemons and a simple syrup and froze layer after layer of lemons and mint in a pattern, in the lemonade, so as it melts it won't water down the punch. Yes, I know, I sometimes make things complex. But, it's very pretty now. And I want everything to be nice for the shower.

I did get some housekeeping chores done this weekend. I want to get the house pretty well ready for the shower. Because did I mention that in the midst of prepping for the garden tour, and giving a shower, that I'm going to DC for six days? Yeah, I thought I left that out. It's a conference, so the weekend before the shower, two weekends before the tour, I'll be in DC.

But, everything will get done. It always does and I'm sure it will again. I'm relying on my committee for the garden tour to really come through for me this time and do a lot of leg work.

Well, it's nearly 2 a.m. Time for me to make a post office run and then get some sleep. I have a meeting in the morning. Early!

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