Thursday, June 07, 2007


Things are starting to bloom that have been absent for many months and I'm thrilled to see them. Calla lillies have become one of my very favorite flowers. I planted a bunch last year but so far only a couple have come back up. I was hoping they'd all pop their heads up this year. Frankly, I'm not having very good luck with blubs of any sort. None of my tulips came back this year either.

I planted a ton of lily of the valley last year and I had ONE plant come up this year. It didn't bloom but I don't think they do the first year. People are always telling me they're very prolific, so I hope next year I have some blooms. They smell soooo sweet.

Honeysuckle is another favorite. I put in an old fashioned one a few years ago and it's finally starting to take off. I also put in a pink one. It comes up every year but hasn't really flourished. Maybe this will be the year.

There's something magical about flowers.

I'd like to do more in my backyard. I want curving pathways and flower beds here and there. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to really accomplish it. Maybe I'll gain that knowledge as time goes on.

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