Monday, June 18, 2007


During the summer months I keep some fresh cut flowers and/or greenery in my house almost all the time. Yesterday I snapped this photo of the bouquet on my writing desk. I love the way the light coming in has burned out parts of the photo. I bought this little vase at a flea market for $1. The neck of the musical instrument is broken off but I adore the shape of the vase. I had forgotten about it and found it a couple of days ago and couldn't wait to use it.

I'm discovering I seem to have more and more pink in my house. I'm not sure why - it wasn't a conscious decision - but it seems to be cropping up here and there. I certainly don't want to paint any walls pink or anything, but I like the little touches around.

There's something magical about having flowers in the house. It's a little bit of luxury that's easy to come by. I only have to walk out the front door and pick the plants - it's low cost, low fuss.

Flowers are one of the things I think make me appreciate the moment. They last only briefly, but are spectacular in that time. It's one of the things I love about summer.

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