Monday, June 25, 2007

It's Done

The garden tour, that has consumed practically every waking moment for weeks, is over for this year. It went well and after spending tomorrow doing some detail work on it I can rest.

I am not doing anything tomorrow that doesn't HAVE to be done. In fact, that is pretty much my plan for the whole week. I was at a health fair yesterday. Today I was at the office or otherwise working on the garden tour for about 10 hours straight. I need to do something different now.

I would love to get in the car and just drive somewhere and be in a different place - some place I've not seen before, some place I've not visited, some place I've never even thought about going. But, alas, I have an eye doctor's appointment tomorrow, Creative Sisterhood on Tuesday, an important board meeting on Wednesday - you see the trend.

But at least I can rest a bit and focus on some of my "real life" as opposed to my work life. I lead a life that needs some attention regularly and it suffers when work is consuming so much energy.

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