Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sexual Partners

A new study just released says the average American woman has sex with four different men, and the average American male has sex with seven women. These are obviously not people who were in college at the same time I was - after the pill and before AIDS. Four? In a lifetime? I knew women in college who went through four men in one weekend.

Maybe the potpourri of sexually transmitted diseases has slowed people significantly, although I haven't witnessed that myself. Of course, averages mean that some women have one partner and some have a dozen and some have none - so that averages out to about four.

I do know a few people who just have no sex life, and never have, as far as I can tell. I always thought they were the anomalies, but if the averages are four and seven, there must be a bunch of people having no partners to even out the numbers.

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