Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Glenn Beck and Arms Deals

As you might well guess if you've been reading this blog for any amount of time - like oh, say, around the time Katrina hit, or the last presidential "election" - I'm sure you know my political leanings are definitely to the left. I would say I'm a moderate liberal - not a conservative liberal, but I'm still shopping at Walmart and I'm making no apologies for it, so I'm not a far left liberal either. So, I'm a moderate. Although, let me say, I wear the title "LIBERAL" proudly. There is nothing to be ashamed of in wanting the world to be fair for everyone - rich or poor. In fact, it's something to be proud of. And I am.

All of that said, imagine my continual surprise when I'm in agreement with Glenn Beck. I've caught his show before and there's always something I agree with him about. Today after work I was flipping past CNN and he was on and I stopped and... oh my gosh... I have agreed with almost everything he has said tonight.

He has been talking about the arms deal with the Saudi's. OK, just in case you've forgotten, those high-jackers that took down the twin towers in NY - the infamous 911 that still has enough Americans terrified six years later that it affects their votes  - all from Saudi Arabia - yes, the same Saudi Arabia we're selling arms to.

And speaking of "arms deals," shouldn't we stop speaking of them? Why are we Americans so freaking stupid we never learn from our mistakes? Just because Russia has made an arms deal with India doesn't mean we have to do the same thing with someone else. Didn't Barbara ever give George that little spiel about, "so if your friends all jumped off a bridge..." Until the Bush administration got into office we weren't in desperate financial straits like Russia, who needs the hard cash. Is the US so broke that we have to make these kind of deals, too?

Everytime the words "arms deals" are used in conjunction something very, very, very bad happens. Can you say "Sandinista?" Glenn Beck summed it up today by repeating the movie line, "I see dead people." Well, so do I. More accurately, I see MORE dead people.

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