Sunday, July 08, 2007

Kitty With No Name

I'm in Joplin tonight and Miss Joy has a new kitty, which we've been playing with. The kitty does not yet have a name. I have suggested Cleopatra, a nod to the Egyptians who first domesticated cats and honored them in multiple ways, including mummifying them. While being killed and mummified might not seem like an honor, lets remember they did it to their beloved leaders. And their cats. Of course, "Cleo" would be the name used on a daily basis, which I think has some possibilities.

I've also suggested Toffee, given her coloring. Mia pointed out she is a calico but with tabby striping in the calico. She suggested Callie, which I also like.

The Kitty With No Name is a big hit. She likes to play, so we have played with her until she literally had to lay down and rest. She has a variety of toys, but my hair proved to be a favorite.

I will return home in the morning and go back to my daily working life. I want to continue to be on vacation. I guess everyone feels that way.

However, it seems very weird to be living a life that I want to escape from by going on vacation. Shouldn't we all be living a life we are thrilled to be living, instead of one we want to get away from?


Jane said...

Our cat is named Cairo - again a nod to the Egyptians ;)

Patsy Terrell said...

Very cool! We haven't heard the final word from the owner yet, but I'll let everyone know when the name has been decided. We thought the person who will be cleaning the litter box should get to pick the name. :)