Sunday, August 26, 2007

Kansas Dialogue

We did breakfast and lunch for Kansas Dialogue today. It was a ton of work, but it really came off well. The only real problem with it is that we are essentially missing Dialogue.

But, tonight we went to the Underground Salt Museum for our program and dinner.

You can see the salt behind Julie. It's been mined since the twenties and the museum is open now for preview tours but they're still building facilities.

Kris and I had to take our usual photo together. I think this got started at my Christmas open house. Then there was the one at Andrea's birthday party. Of course, tonight we had the added benefit of the hardhats, which are quite the fashion accessory. They're one of the safety precautions you have to follow when you go underground - nothing major.

It was a nice evening and I was really ready to enjoy spending time with folks instead of being occupied with food preparation and cleaning up. I got to go to two breakout sessions today, and one general session, but other than that I was occupied. And that was true for a whole group of us - I think I went to more than anyone else did. Lynette, Sean, Andrea, the Hixsons, Julie, WenDee, Marci and I were all working frantically to make everything happen. But, it worked out great. I think people loved the food and we accomplished our goal to make it really good. But, as with everything, you either have to have lots of money or lots of effort. We used lots of effort.

I am looking forward to some studio time tomorrow night. That's what is getting me through at this point.

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