Monday, August 13, 2007

Restful Sunday

I had a very restful Sunday, which I needed, although I did do quite a bit of work today. I have a ton of stuff to do to wrap up the tea so I did some of it today and will finish up tomorrow. I made a dent in the kitchen, which I'm very glad about. And I started unloading the car, which is filled to the gills with tea stuff. I have to wash all 10 of the table cloths and they're huge. That will take a few days to get them all done. Only one or two will fit in the machine at one time.

I also painted today. It was good to paint some more. I called Jocelyn - she was painting too. We have about 30 days until the show, so I need to be painting every available moment. I have a couple of things I've made that I want to create in different sizes, but with the same basic concept. That way if you like the look you can buy it at $15 or $35 or $85 - whatever you prefer. I don't know that those will be the prices, but that's the basic idea.

I did some more ornies today. I love those. I'm going to call an acquaintance who has an electrical background. I want to know if I can run some Christmas lights off a car battery in the booth. There is no power at this show but I'd so love to have some lights on the tree I use to display ornies. I have a power inverter. So, I'm wondering if he can tell me how to rig up something to run Christmas lights off a battery - they shouldn't pull much juice - we'll see what he says.

Tonight Greg and I went out to Sandhills and hiked out to the big hill to watch the meteor shower. It was good. Not the best shower I've ever seen, but the best viewing conditions I've had since I was in Utilla, off the northern coast of Honduras. There's no power there after midnight so it was quite dark, which was lovely - and we were there during a meteor shower. Matthew didn't stay up with me, but I stayed out on the dock all night watching meteors.

We saw a couple of really spectacular ones tonight. It was worth the effort expended - the dark of the moon and no clouds - optimal conditions for meteor viewing.

When I get some of the tea wrap up done, I'm going to take some time off this week and catch up on my life. I definitely need to catch up on my life - and get it back in some sort of order. Whenever I'm doing a big event my personal world gets neglected - and that means it becomes messier than usual. So, I have to get it back into shape - as much as it ever is.

I also have some big MHA things on the horizon to handle. And at some point I need to have time to do the things I actually ENJOY in life, instead of the things I HAVE to do.

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