Sunday, August 19, 2007

Tea Photos

Here are the photos from our tea last weekend. We asked local businesses and organizations to decorate tables and provide favors. It was something I had seen done elsewhere and liked the idea.

Dr. Susan Evans' table had a really elaborate centerpiece with lots of detail. I'm including two photos of it to give a better view of what it was like. Her favors were bath and body products.

This was the Altrusa Table. Altrusa uses blue as a signature color. Their favors were antique china cups and saucers - really beautiful.

First National Bank was using Nancy Shears' mother's china. It was stunning.

Hospice of Reno County had a really beautiful centerpiece that was flowers in a teapot. The picture doesn't do it justice.

Friendship Force - this was Nancy Murry's china - it's over 100 years old. Their favors were all different - things from different parts of the world where their members have traveled. There was a wonderful teapot pin from England and a tea towel from France and some goodies from Mongolia. I don't remember all the others, but it was really cool.

Advanced Chiropractic Care - Dr. Renee Hurst

Elm Grove Estates

Coming Home's table was done by Maribeth Reimer, who was in my leadership class.

Hutch High Counseling Center - Andrea bought hand made candles as favors for everyone. She even put eight people at her table at the last minute. The others all had six.

All That Jazz (a hair salon) did a take off on Alice in Wonderland and the "Mad Hair." They had a really creative approach and some great coupons for people who sat at their table. Everyone got to take their teacup and saucer, filled with nail polish and other goodies, with them. Then one lucky person got everything else on the table - the flowers, china, clock, everything. It was really neat.

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