Monday, September 03, 2007

Quechup Warning

Over the last 48 hours I have been bombarded with invitations to join Quechup, a new social networking site. DO NOT DO IT. I was fortunate that the first "invitation" I got was followed about 10 minutes later by an email from that person (someone I didn't even know) saying ignore it, that they spammed his entire address book. He was not happy, needless to say. He is a writer, and had a ton of professional contacts in his address book, so they all got hit along with the rest of us.

His invitation and follow up email was followed by numerous others, including some to my podcasting groups. The way this site works, apparently, is to ask if you want to see if any of the people in your address book are on the site yet. But, unlike the scrupulous sites like Facebook, this one just automatically spams everyone who's email address it can latch onto, telling you that this person has invited you.

So, if you get an invite from Quechup, just ignore it. And realize the person who appears to be sending it may have no idea it has gone out under their name.

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