Thursday, November 01, 2007


Last night I had a bunch of trick or treaters. They were still coming after 9 p.m. There are so many places they can go now - the mall, the zoo, museums, churches, etc. - where they can get lots of candy at one place. I thought we might not have too many trick or treaters, but we had our usual amount - maybe a few more than last year.

I went to pick up a pizza for dinner and on the way back I was watching people in the neighborhood out in the twilight starting their trick or treating. It suddenly occurred to me that I don't ever want to live somewhere that kids can't go trick or treating.

Greg and I were talking last night that the costumes kids are wearing will one day be nostalgic. We saw a lot of spider man costumes last night and lots of princesses. Oddly enough, I saw very few ghosts and witches. Maybe those are passe these days, to make room for the more character driven costumes.

Regardless, I like living in a place where kids still trick or treat, going to the homes of complete strangers and gathering candy they'll gorge on until they're nearly sick. Once a year they do it with their parents' blessings and that was last night. It's quite a lovely custom.

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