Friday, December 14, 2007

Lies Recordings Tell

When you call to try and get someone interested in the fact that you have no power in your home in the middle of December, when there's ice on everything and snow in the forecast, you get a recording that says crews are working "around the clock." That's comforting, until you realize it's untrue.

How do I know this? Because by happenstance last night I drove by the Convention Center and found 48 trucks from various entities, mostly our own power supplier, parked there.

Now, of course, everyone has to eat and sleep and do all the things humans do. But "around the clock" implies that one crew works a shift, then another crew works a shift, then another crew works a shift. This, obviously, is not happening when at midnight 48 vehicles with power company logos on them are parked at the nicest hotel in town. If there is equipment available, work could be happening. Thousands of people are employed by power companies - the recording says they're bringing in crews from other places - so they could just bring in more people because we have equipment sitting here idle.

I didn't walk in last night to see if anyone was having a beer at the sports bar. I didn't have time after driving through the parking lot to count trucks. I was on my way to my house to blunder around with a flashlight to get my plants to bring them with me to the office where I slept on an air mattress, i.e. not in the nicest hotel in town.

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