Sunday, December 30, 2007

More Festive Displays

I went to Paducah today to do a little shopping and lost track of time. Not sure how it happened, but I found myself there after dark. I decided to check out Bob Noble Park and see if there was a light display. I was not disappointed - there's a huge one - and it's free, although donations are encouraged.

It's one of those typical things you see in parks - but it's large and it's festive and it's there on Dec. 30 - all things to recommend it.

Cathy and I had lunch today, which was a nice treat. She was headed to Paducah as well, so we met up and ate. I really like getting to spend time with her and with Kim, but it seems we're generally all running 100 miles an hour all the time and it just doesn't happen too much. Maybe in 2008 we'll have time for more such things.

2007 has been a difficult year in a lot of ways. I'm ready for a bright, cheery, pleasant 2008 for me and everyone I care about.

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