Friday, December 07, 2007

Party Weather - Not

I took the day off to prepare for my open house tomorrow. I made a trip out for groceries and settled in to cook. Of course, a little bit ago I discovered I was out of powdered sugar so had to go back out. How could I be out of something as basic as powdered sugar? Who knows, but I was.

I'm not making as much as I usually do because I'm guessing I may have a small turn out. We are under a winter weather advisory from midnight tonight until 6 p.m. Sunday. Of course, the weather people have proven many times they can't really predict the weather, so we'll see if it happens. I'm just going to prepare for things being normal and hope they are.

I'm concerned about Mia. She came out for the party. She and Greg had tickets to a concert in Wichita tonight and I'm wondering if she's going to be able to come to the party. Hopefully, we'll know more about the weather tomorrow, but I wouldn't want her to get stuck in a storm. It's miserable driving in ice.

Susan already emailed saying she's not coming, which of course I understand. It's a three hour drive from the farm here and it looks like there's some nasty weather between us. I haven't heard from Mark, but I doubt he'll come from Kansas City. It's a pity, but of course, I have no way of foreseeing such things when I'm picking a party date. Maybe I'll just do it again next weekend for whoever can come if this weekend is too nasty. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

Well, I'd best go clean up the kitchen so I can wake up and start cooking again. It's so much nicer to wake up to a clean kitchen than one that looks like someone has been cooking in it for a few hours. I'm not a tidy cook. Not at all. Those food photos I show here on occasion - if you notice they're carefully cropped.

I think I'll mix up a batch of fudge before I go to bed. Then the only "must do" tomorrow will be an angel food cake.

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