Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Shopping the Day After Christmas

An appalling lack of shame is the only explanation for why I share these photos with you today.

I had to actually drive to the far end of a parking lot and take my purchases made early in the day out of my car and repack them neatly to get everything I bought into the car while still allowing me to see out the back window.. Then I visited three more stores.

This was the passenger seat in the front of the car, today, after I piled things from the back seat into it, so I could clear it for the tree boxes. Oh... did I not mention the trees...

These are destined to be in my front yard next year... powered by the assemblage of timers and outdoor cords I also purchased today.

I keep a lot of things in the car this time of year - a blanket, jackets, coats, sweaters, etc. At 6:45 this morning I just piled the first crop of trees on top of them. Then I bought some for Greg, too. Then I bought other things and they were not laying flat in the backseat and things were teetering and well... I had to pull to the end of a parking lot and rearrange. I believe this is a first for me and I'm a veteran of Dec. 26 shopping.

I'm not a big shopper. It's not my favorite thing. In fact, clothes shopping is a version of hell for me. Who wants to get dressed and undressed that many times in the span of a few hours? But the day after Christmas I turn into Robo Shopper. I didn't even think there were that many things I wanted today. I expect to come home with wrapping paper and some ornaments and such, but today I got more "utilitarian" things, if you can refer to any sort of decoration in that way. But photo-cell timers aren't the same as sparkly ornaments.

I did pick up a few ornaments, but nothing major. Greg was able to net the Hallmark Barbie ornaments I wanted.

OK... I know... consumerism, commercialism, etc. etc. etc. Just one day a year I want to be Robo Shopper. Just one day. It's a hobby. I'm not saying it's a reasonable one or a good one, but I'm saying it could be a worse one.

And you don't think this happens without "stuff" do you?????

And, yes, not to worry - I bought a case of lights today as backups.

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