Friday, December 21, 2007

Tired of Winter

I am officially tired of winter. Unfortunately, I don't think winter has officially started yet.

I'm one of those people who's always cold. And from the first time there's a cold snap I'm cold until spring. The one time I get warm is at night, under my electric blanket. But, as soon as I throw back the covers in the morning I'm cold again. And I stay cold all day.

My home office, where I spend a huge amount of time, is on the north side of my house. I have storm windows and plastic and weatherstripping and every other device I can think of and still my legs and feet are cold.

There's one thing about the 80s I miss, and it's not the music. I miss the leg warmers. Remember leg warmers? They're a genius invention. That is the part of my body that is the coldest - from the top of my socks up to where my jeans start to flare.

Often at night what prompts me to go upstairs is not that I'm exhausted, it's that I'm frozen, and I want to get under my electric blanket.

I'm tired of winter. Oh, and did I mention snow is in the forecast for tomorrow?

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