Friday, January 11, 2008

Blue Eyes

I was reading tonight about a study done in Norway that showed blue eyed men have a preference for blue eyed women. Why? Because if the blue eyed woman produces a child that isn't blue eyed then the blue eyed man knows he ain't the baby daddy.

Remember that monk with his peas? Yup. It's all about Mendel. Blue eyes are recessive. Since it requires two recessive genes to produce blue eyes, if both parents are blue eyed then baby has be to blue eyed as well - provided baby is the product of that mama and that daddy. If baby shows up with brown eyes you know mama been messin' around.

This only works with blue eyes - not parents of other colored eyes. Brown eyed parents can produce blue eyed children, because they can be carrying the recessive blue eyed gene, but blue eyed parents are only going to produce blue eyed babies.

It's been speculated that this is why babies - particularly caucasian - are generally born with blue eyes and their true color doesn't show until about age three. It may well be an adaptive trait to keep both parents around during those early years when baby needs more support to survive.

We're interesting, huh?

This made me think about the men I've known, and other than two exceptions, I think everyone I've dated has been blue eyed. I haven't produced any children, and I'm happy to say that if I had there would not have been a need for Maury to tell me who the father was. But it's interesting that that has worked out that way in my life nonetheless.

It also caused me to think about one former boyfriend mentioning how he specifically liked women with blue eyes. Maybe he just instinctively knew this. Or maybe he read the study before I did.

This also made me think about my parents. My mom had blue eyes... but I can't remember what color my dad's eyes were. Brown, I think. It's sad I can't remember, but I can't. It's only blue eyed men who show a strong preference on eye color in a mate - blue, of course.

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