Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Kansas Caucus

Tonight was the Democratic Caucus in Reno County and we had 640 people show up. This may not seem like a lot to people who live in heavily populated, heavily democratic areas, but by comparison last time we had about 80 people show up.

The local party was not at all prepared for the numbers. And, this was in the midst of a huge snow storm.

Just getting us all in the door and ready to caucus was a big job.

Of course I saw a bunch of people I know.

I had barely gotten in the door and on the side for Hillary than I heard, "Patsy, you're on the wrong side." It was Sean Buchanan, who I just adore.

He was the official designated speech person for Obama and did a great job. He is a senior at Buhler High School and this will be his first election in which he can vote. He said when he saw Obama speak at the convention last time that he just knew Obama should be the next president.

I like Obama, but I am a Hillary supporter. I think she is the best choice for this time in our history. But, I'm thrilled we have two excellent candidates. I would be proud to call either of them President and I will whole-heartedly support whichever of them wins the nomination.. And I love it that people are inspired to participate in the process.

Obama won our local caucus, as well as the state, but we're not a winner take all state - so the delegates are split. For example, we had nine delegates - Hillary got three and Barack got six.

Rumor is that our governor is on Obama's short list for a running mate. She is an incredible legislator and would make a great Vice President. I think that has probably encouraged even more support for him.

It was amazing to see so many people out tonight - particularly in light of the weather.

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