Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I've been working on my novel tonight and I've used up all the words I have for today. OK, that's an exaggeration. But, you know what I mean. The terribly fascinating blog post I was working on about grace is going to have to wait for another day. I'm sure you understand.

I printed out the first six chapters tonight and have been editing on them again. Frankly, I need someone who's a far better editor than me to do that. I'm too close to the story to know if it's making sense anymore.

Interestingly enough, today I got a letter from someone I haven't heard from in months who asked about the novel and said they wanted to read more of it. Maybe I'll send them a few chapters and ask their input. This is an interesting process... even though it makes my brain hurt at times... and the long sections that are crossed out with big "X"s aren't encouraging either. But, I think this is just how this process goes. That's the theory I'm going with, anyway. Otherwise I just really suck at it. I'm going with process.

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