Thursday, April 03, 2008

Greg and Photos

Greg is a professional photographer. He takes wonderful pix, as you might expect. He, also, will suffer for pix. He will lay down on a sidewalk in the summer, or in a snow bank in the winter. He got this hyacinth photo by laying in the dirt in his backyard.

Later in the day yesterday we stopped by the post office because he had spotted this flowering tree earlier and wanted a picture.

Greg got out and spent a few minutes looking for the perfect shot. I stayed in the car and snapped a photo of him taking a photo.

This is the sort of photo you get by staying in the car. Below is the kind of photo you get by actually get out of the car, framing a shot, and knowing what you're doing.

We don't know what kind of tree it is, but it's pretty.

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Jane said...

It looks like a Bradford Pear Blossom to me - and the only reason I know is because I recognise it from a picture I was looking at last week from a beekeeping forum I read. I am starting to keep bees this year and someone on the forum I read posted a picture of one of his bees on some blossom and the flower is the same. Here is a better picture of the same blossom though:

and you could probably look the blossom up elsewhere online to compare to be sure. Isn't it a beautiful tree?

You are very lucky to have flowers now. We woke up to 15cm of snow today! It is quite depressing as all our snow had gone and now it is all back again! I am so ready for Spring blossoms! I am tired of Winter!