Thursday, May 01, 2008


I did my presentation this morning and I'm not thrilled with how it went. I thought it was going fine until the last bit and then we just weren't communicating. I was confused why they seemed confused. Two hours later I realized that what they were saying was NOT what I was hearing. Typical miscommunication. But, it was too late then for me to explain I had misunderstood. Oh well... I'll just have to hope for the best and that they understand I didn't get it at the time. You can't redo a meeting with 15-20 people after you're gone.

I think that's why this sort of thing drives me crazy... you've got a limited amount of time and if you aren't communicating correctly - and don't realize it at the time - it's overwith.

Of course, I've been thinking about it all day. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. 

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