Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Photo Story 3 and YouTube and my latest adventure

I did this recently to play with some software I wasn't familiar with - Photo Story 3. The software is easy... so there are any number of applications for it yet to be thought about. I didn't even realize it was a freebie with windows - I've never had a reason to look for something like this.

I just grabbed some pix I had on my hard drive, found some quotes that go with it and did this to get my feet wet. I think it's kind of cool looking for something done in a little bit of time with free software.

If you haven't ever watched anything from YouTube, you just click on the box below and it will play right on your computer. There's nothing dangerous in it that will harm your computer. This is just a little over a minute long.

As always when learning something new there are snags along the way. This software for Photo Story 3 is very easy. I didn't bother to put any sound behind this one, but it's an easy function offered there. You have access to this software - it's free with windows.

The snag came when I tried to load it to YouTube. It wouldn't accept it even though the format was one of the ones they take. Some online searching netted some very, very, very useful information from this page on Bill Myers website. Scroll to the bottom of the page and he addresses this very problem. His page is the only place I found the needed information. It's very easy to follow the steps he lays out and then it works like a charm.
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