Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Obama is It

Obama has enough delegates for the nomination the experts say. I hope we will be referring to him as President Obama in a few months. Although I have been a Hillary supporter, Obama now has my complete and full support.

I hope that other Hillary supporters will also support Obama wholeheartedly. And I hope they will do so regardless of who he chooses for Vice President.

I suppose Obama/Clinton would be a dream ticket for many, but Obama is entitled to choose the VP he wants - not necessarily the one people think he should choose. This is someone he will be working closely with for four, maybe eight, years - he needs to choose the person he wants as his second in command. That is a privilege he has earned.

I am impressed that Clinton has said she's open to the VP slot. It seems so often at this stage of the game there is bad blood and the one on the bottom cannot swallow their pride enough to accept the number two slot. It's not like being VP is a bad job. And, obviously, Hillary is a politico. I'm sure she would have something to offer, but so would others.

At this point, Obama has the nomination, and we all need to give him our full support as we go forward. And we need to support his VP choice, whoever that may be. I think it was wise of him to say he wasn't going to talk about it until after he had enough delegates for the nomination. That's the classy thing to do.

I was glad he acknowledged Hillary's contributions to health care, as well as other things. I wish she had been a bit more conciliatory in her speech. I'm not a political expert and don't understand the reasons for these things.

This is an historic occasion in our country's history - something school children will be looking back on in amazement at some point. That was the FIRST woman running? That was the FIRST African-American? We are living this momentous occasion, lets relish in all it means.

Of course, we're some time from the convention and who knows what could happen there. But, for the moment, lets just start practicing saying, "President Obama."
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