Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Peace and Politics

Saturday I participated in the peace demonstration downtown. There were about a dozen of us off and on. Only three of us were there the last time, so we had some additional interest. It feels good to participate in something I believe in.

Overall people were pretty positive. We did have one guy slow down and stick his head out the open window of his pickup and yell, "Get a life." Here a couple of days later I'm still puzzling over what that means, exactly. It seems an odd thing to yell at people demonstrating in support of peace. I didn't get the connection, but I suppose it made sense to him.

I've been watching the various polls about Clinton supporters who say they won't vote for Obama unless Clinton is the VP, or will vote for McCain. Please, don't make me write a blog post titled, "Don't be an Idiot."

I do not understand this. We had a deep field of candidates this time. I would have felt very good about casting my vote for Richardson, Edwards, Clinton or Obama. I chose Clinton because I thought she had the best chance of getting into the White House. Of course, happily, Obama has gained tremendous support over the months and I think people of all political persuasions see that he has great potential to change our world for the better. I'm excited by him.

The night of the caucus here, I was talking with Sean and he was teasing me I was on the wrong side. I told him I would wholeheartedly support whoever won and he assured me he would, too. Now, there's the voice of reason.

It's not like we had one good candidate and one horrible one. We had two fabulous candidates. Now that Obama has won the nomination, lets all get behind him and work to get him into the white house so we can turn this country around.
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