Monday, June 23, 2008

Working at My Desk

I spent the day hunched over my desk, working on a project that's due Wednesday. I'm not a detail person so this sort of work actually hurts my brain. I mean, physically, it's like my brain aches.

It also just wears me out. How using your brain sitting in a chair can make you physically tired is a mystery, but that's how it works, anyway. At least for me. This is one of those times I wish I could just pop a pill that would take care of my ADD for a few hours so I could focus. Then it would wear off and my brain would go back to jumping from one thing to another like it does naturally.

This afternoon I was so exhausted I took about 30 minutes to go walk in Carey Park. I intended to take some pix, but will next time.

I do so love my office. It's downtown, and those windows you see face Main Street, which is great. I think I've shown pix out the window before, but it has been awhile. I think the last time was during December's ice storm.

I took some pix inside my office when I was essentially living there for a few days during the ice storm. I thought I'd do my own survival guide for office living - hint: a coat rack can double as a clothes dryer - but I never got it done. Maybe before ice season, although I hope I never have need of this info again.

Well, I need to get some sleep. I have much I need to do tomorrow to finish up this project so I need a fresh mind..

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