Sunday, August 03, 2008

Heaven Help Me - a New Collection

Heaven help me, there's a new thing I'm collecting. Okay, "collecting" might be a strong word since I've only picked up two pieces, but I'm suddenly enchanted with it and that usually means more pieces are to follow. At least it's something that seems to be of no real value to anyone else.

Is it something...
...exotic? no
...expensive? no
...that will put a child through college? no probably have? yes're proudly diplaying? no
...worth a lot of money? no
...of antique value? no
... I'm infatuated with? YES

It's Daher Decorated Ware.

Okay, a few days ago I had no freaking clue what that was, and wouldn't now if I hadn't read it on the back of the tray (above) I bought a week or so ago. Then I saw the same thing on a bowl I bought yesterday. My grand total for these two items - $1.49. Like I said - it's not worth a lot. Except I love it. And that makes it worth something to me. At least $1.49.

If you have it, it's probably tucked away in the attic in a dusty box because you couldn't bear to throw it out. Yet. I think these were made in the 1970s. I'm basing that on the fact that there's a 1971 copyright on the back of them, but I have no other info. Although I suppose they do have that distinctive 70s look as far as colors, which wasn't the epitome of home decor, even in the 70s.

But, for some reason, the colors appeal to me. Is it because those were my formative years? Is it because I don't have good taste enough to pack it away and put it in the attic like all reasonable people did by 1977? I don't know. I just suddenly re-discovered it and fell in love. I want more. I love it. I need more. Need, people... NEED... I have needs!

Okay... you are getting sleepy... but not too sleepy... because you are feeling the urge to go to your attic and riffle through boxes... you are feeling the need to pull out decorated trays and bowls and tins and other colorful items... you want to send me all your Daher Decorated Ware so I can love it and enjoy it and display it... you are addressing the box...

Okay, hey, it was worth a shot. I knew I should have finished that psychology degree. Since I don't see you running up the steps, I suppose I'd best go to Goodwill and see if another little treasure has made its way onto the shelves, just waiting to come to my house!
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