Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Fair with Kris, John and Tom

Tonight I went to the fair with Kris, John and Tom. We had a blast. Well, I did. Perhaps I shouldn't speak for them. I had them pose for a photo... that's John on the left, his wife, Kris, and Tom.

It was a little chilly tonight, and this is John saying without words, "hey guys... I don't have a jacket... it's cold... lets go..."

We walked around the fair, ate fair food, saw Andrea's prize winning knitted piece, saw the hypnotist show, walked down the midway and did some people watching. It was a good night.

Tom asked at one point if I liked to ride rides. I pointed to first one thing and then another and said, "no, not that - it spins..." "no, not that - it could be scary..." "no that spinning would make me sick..." "no, that might scare me..." What I figured out is that I don't want to be spinning or sick or scared, and the percentage of things on the midway that fall into one or more of those categories must hover near 99% - at least of the things they'll let adults ride. I could do a kiddie carousel. Really, I could do that. I'm such a wimp.

Actually, I do like the water thing where you go down the big slide in a little log thing, whatever that's called. But, it was way too cold for that. And, frankly, truth be told, when confronted with the idea I can't help mentally calculating how nasty that water must be by day 3 or 4 or 7. But, it doesn't spin me, make me sick, or scare me.

Of course, Kris and I took another "cute girl pic." Fortunately, we met up with Greg briefly and he graciously agreed to snap the photo for us. We did it near the Lindsborg booth, including their holiday Dala Horse.

After the fair we stopped by Andrea's apartment where she had hot tea and fresh ginger cookies for us. Plus, there are kitties there to play with - one of whom found my shoes that had tromped all over the fairgrounds to hold fascinating smells.

It was a wonderful way to end a fun night
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