Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fried Green Tomato Demonstration

This afternoon I did a cooking demonstration on Fried Green Tomatoes at Apron Strings downtown. I was wishing these were a bit more complex, because people had come out to see me make them and I wanted to make it worth their time. But, fried green tomatoes are very easy.

Fried Green Tomatoes
green tomatoes
yellow corn meal
oil (I used vegetable oil, but bacon grease is much better!)

Wash and core the tomatoes, and slice. Mix salt and pepper into cornmeal to taste. Dip tomato slices in cornmeal and then fry.

I made three batches today and used the same oil. This was the last batch and you can see the crumblies in the skillet. Turn them with a fork or egg turner until they're brown on each side.

Greg came to take photos for me. I swear, he's the best ex-boyfriend a girl could have.

I always put paper towels on the plate to drain the fried green tomatoes a bit before serving. Needless to say, they are greasy!

Lynette, who I've met there before, said she had been waiting for this demonstration. Her parents are both from the south so we had much to talk about after the demo. I'm looking forward to getting to know her better. I think everyone enjoyed the goodies.

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Linda Jennings said...

That is exactly the way my mother made fried green tomatoes here in Kentucky! My dad put gravy over them to eat. My mom made the best cornbread and fried chicken and gravy, too!

Anonymous said...

They are simple and delicious in their simplicity! :) I've not had them with gravy, but find gravy to be a lovely addition to almost anything. :)